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How to use oras CLI tool for GCR

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  • Hi, I was trying to use deislabs/oras, CLI tool and Go packages to operate OCI images with Google Container Registry(GCR), I stumbled and it took me a long time to get there.

    In this post, I will explain how to configure oras for GCR. This is just a memo for myself.

    Before you start

    First, install deislabs/oras by following the instructions on the README.

    In this post, I’m using this version.

    $ oras version
    Version:        0.8.1
    Go version:     go1.12.4
    Git commit:     237ac925cb6a308a5523cc048292bb53037f6975
    Git tree state: clean

    If you don’t have an GCP account, you should create one.

    1. Login by oras

    gcloud auth print-access-token \
    | oras login -u oauth2accesstoken --password-stdin https://${REGISTRY}

    2. Push OCI image

    oras push${PROJECT}/hello-artifact:v1 ./artifact.txt

    Still, the image that you pushed doesn’t have any root filesystem.
    Therefore, you can’t docker pull and you have to use oras to pull images.


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